FREE Print-and-Play Fun Packs!
We are pleased to offer age-appropriate pages, in a single pdf document, to partner with each book we publish. Have fun!
Haiku Fun Pack includes bookmarks, one coloring page, a bookplate, a two-page origami project, and two "What Happens Next?" Haiku poem prompts​.
Other FREE Fun Packs Available!
Flit the Firefly Fun Pack includes a bookplate, bookmarks, two coloring pages, a two-page matching game, and a simple maze for younger children.
Cat Nap Fun Pack includes bookmarks, a bookplate, a simple maze, a two-page matching game and a "dream sheet" to draw (or adults can help draw) the child's own dream.
The Pennant Banner Fun Pack party craft projects. Includes an invitation, gift coupons, party place cards, origami paper cup and a scrapbook page. Coordinated with the "Let's Make a Pennant Banner" craft book, kids will enjoy hours of crafting fun. 
Moose Moose Fun Pack includes a bookplate, a matching game, bookmarks, a simple maze, a coloring page and a card game
Just As I Am Fun Pack includes a maze, bookmarks, a bookplate, secret message puzzle and a matching game.
Bees Please Fun Pack includes a bookplate, secret message puzzle, a matching game, two coloring pages and bookmarks.
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