Welch Design Publishing is the most recent branch to grow from the Welch Design studio. Cheryl Welch is the author and illustrator for most books that will be published under this imprint.

From there to here!
Growing up, my home life was different from that of my classmates, creating reluctance on my part to make friends. Because I needed to care for my younger brother during the day while my parents were working, my world was a bit smaller than most kids my age. I filled those homebound hours with tons of books, drawing, television, music and making things. I tried my hand at sewing when only seven years old (take a look at 'Snoozle' below!). It was a rather lonely time in my life, but one that I now cherish for its part in shaping my creative path.

I pretended to be a teacher for my little brother using a sort of spelling machine that I’d created after one I’d seen on the  'Romper Room' show. We modeled clay into crazy characters and added yarn hair. We drew comic books together. We recorded our voices, telling wild stories or pretending to be radio announcers. My brother and I once created a dog sculpture out of cockleburs that grew in our yard. I recently found out that he still has it!  

When I was in third grade I wrote a 'screenplay' based on a 
Dr. Seuss story, and tried to get my little brother to act it out with me. He didn't go for it, but it was fun to try. I now realize I was developing my own storytelling style.

I think of those young years fondly, and with tenderness for the child I was. In small ways my stories for children speak to that young version of myself, and to children everywhere who have yet to discover their special gifts.
Cheryl Welch
When I became a mother, I couldn't wait to read to my son. 
From before he could understand any words until long 
past when he could read by himself, we met all of the wonderful friends that live in books. The Lorax, Ferdinand, Thomas the Tank Engine, the Polite Elephant, Max the Dog 
and so many more. 
'Snoozle' the polar bear, my first sewing project at age seven.
Can you tell that I taught myself?
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